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  What went  on in 2020?


My Dad passed away and I was in shock for a while, although I didn't really know it. I felt like I was walking around in a thick dense fog that never seemed to clear. Then I realized it was grief- my Dad, my "Daddy Rabbit" was really gone. And nothing could have prepared me for how painful that would be, how it would feel to lose him. He was such a big part of my life.


I had been working towards moving my show into a theater setting which I felt would accommodate the stories better, and allow for the show to evolve. I was very excited to have arranged my first show at the Phoenix in May. My Dad and I had talked about it before he died. He had always wanted me to go to college and become a dentist, and considered my music, stories, any art to be nothing more than a "side thing". Something you do in your spare time and on the weekends. But he was beginning to change and truly "see me". I am not a medical type person.


I went to Prague with my sister Linda. She had never traveled out of the US and always wanted to go there. I was so grateful to share this experience with her. I've taken 3 sisters now. Lucky me!! We are all Czech, on my Dad's side. Our last name "Hadraba" is very common. Years ago, when there was such a thing, I actually looked it up in the phone book and found many Hadrabas' 


After traveling to the Czech Republic, I went back to Iceland. I loved it so much I had to. And out of the blue I booked a couple shows in Reykjavik. WHAT???? Frankly I don't know where the inspiration came from. It was a blast. I resurrected my little blue guitar, installed a pickup with bass boost Slap on a little chorus reverb, and now it's my new favorite. Plus it fits easily in the overhead compartment, even on a commuter flight from MSP to MDW. Fanfuckintastic!!!


I made it to places I hadn't seen the last time. Like the other worldly Glacier Lagoon/Diamond Beach and inside Vidgelmir Lava Cave despite my claustrophobia. I spent time reflecting in a lot of geothermal pools, and went on long walks. I needed the time on my own. Although I had no epiphanies, I KNOW it helped.


I dont know if going to Iceland for a couple weeks helped me "figure anything out", but with streets like "Kringlumyrarbraut" to navigate, I didn't really have time. What a relief! I'm not sure we ever "figure everything out" anyway. Just gotta roll with it. 

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